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5 Amazing Facts About Perth, Australia

The place named after the black swans of the Swan River, globally known as the City of Light, and the capital city of Western Australia (the country's biggest state), there is more to discover about Perth. Here are 5 amazing facts about the city.

Bill Bryson, an American author of travel books, justified this finding by highlighting the city's population growth, which is higher and faster than the rest of Western Australia's territories combined.

In a year, it has an average of eight hours of sun everyday. So travellers have more than enough time to enjoy the outdoors of the city in broad daylight. The summer season starts from December and ends in February, where in it is usual to experience a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.

It is next after Chicago (on the first) and Auckland (on the second spot). The cooling sea breeze (the locals call it “The Freo Doctor”) usually comes in the afternoon, from noontime to 3pm, each day for the whole year.

The domestic terminal of Perth Airport is actually only seven miles away from the city centre while the international terminal is only nine miles away, making it very accessible to all travellers, businesspersons and tourists alike.

This pertains to the very popular Kings Park, which covers over 400 hectares, bigger than New York's Central Park. Featuring a total of 250 plant species and 100 plus local animals, it is supervised by the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority.

These are just a few of the awesome information about Perth, and there are a lot more to discover. Refer to the pages below and find out some more interesting information:

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