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Factors to Consider When Renting Luxury Transportation

Do you need to attend a formal event? Do you want to go sightseeing on board a vehicle equipped with modern conveniences? Consider hiring luxury transportation. Not only will you arrive on time, but also in style. Here are some factors to keep in mind when seeking a rental company that will cater to your needs and standards.


Most companies charge depending on the event you’re going to attend. Some of these are:

Vehicle Type

Depending on your needs, decide among different vehicles, which include:

Choosing the right transportation can make all the difference, so check out all your options carefully. Consider the look, feel and features. View the vehicle in person when making a reservation to ensure you’re getting what the rental company promised. Don’t forget to determine the number of passengers, especially if you’re tasked with finding a transportation.

If a big group is joining, choose a coach hire in Sydney that seats up to 50 people. This is perfect for educational day trips, corporate events and weddings.

Fleet Size

A company’s fleet size may not reflect their quality of service, but it may tell you their speciality. For example, those with smaller fleets tend to focus on individual clients and airport transfers, while those with larger fleets – e.g. a company that offers coach hire in Sydney – often deal with big events and corporate clientele.

Operation Hours

Typically, transport services are available around the clock, but it’s always important to double check. And if you’re renting for an event, don’t call them at 3:00 AM for a vehicle you need in the morning. Instead, make the reservation in advance – preferably weeks before the date.


Trustworthy rental companies have exceptional chauffeurs who don’t simply drive you from point A to point B, but will also assist you throughout the way. Here’s what to look for:

Company reviews

The best source of information regarding company service always comes from those who have already experienced it. Check for reviews online and see what previous clients have to say about them and see if they’re worth hiring.

Finally, plan your itinerary and the number of hours you’ll need their service so you can get a quote. You can also check out packages, especially when booking for an event. Factor in add-ons such as fuel surcharges, wait time and possible delays. Don’t forget to tip your chauffer 18-20% of the base price depending on the quality of service he has provided you. Take note though that you’ll have to enquire about this matter from the company. They might not encourage tips.

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