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Making an Entrance and Exit to Remember on Your Wedding Day

With a stylish limousine to arrive in, making a suitably grand entrance on your wedding day is a breeze, but what about making a grand exit? With an abundance of cheap campervan hire, making an exit to remember on your wedding day is also a walk in the park – don’t forget a string of cans to trail behind your camper and the ‘Just Married’ sign!

Hiring a limousine for the big day

Every couple wants to make a grand entrance on their wedding day, and since it’s the biggest day of their life, why wouldn’t they? Hiring a limousine really is the best way to arrive at the wedding venue, plus hiring a limousine also presents the happy couple with a wealth of wonderful photo opportunities.

This is something to discuss with both the photographer you have hired for the big day as well as the limousine companies you consider hiring a limo from, because:

When you hire a limousine for your wedding you’re not only hiring a vehicle to take you to the venue, you’re also hiring a fantastic photo shoot prop, one that should feature prominently in your photos of the big day, as should the campervan you depart in as that will make for quite a unique wedding photo!

Campervan honeymoons

Not every couple would agree, but many couples are of the mind that camping holidays are wonderfully romantic, with many feeling that passionately about them that their ideal honeymoon would entail arranging affordable campervan hire, booking a spot at a romantic campsite, and heading straight there from the wedding.

The cost of tying the knot quickly adds up and many couples find that after hiring a wedding venue, photographer, buying the bride’s dress, arranging the catering, invitations and everything else, they have little left over for a luxurious honeymoon.

This shouldn’t lead you to believe that a campervan honeymoon is some kind of ‘budget honeymoon option’ as that isn’t the case at all. However, if you find that you are exceeding your budget and are looking for a romantic honeymoon idea, a campervan honeymoon is certainly something to consider and there is no end of romantic honeymoon destinations to consider. In Australia, here are three to think about.

Just three of many wonderfully romantic destinations to head to in a hired campervan on your honeymoon, these three are also popular destinations to tie the knot at and arrange a limousine to arrive in.

With affordable limousine and cheap campervan hire so abundant, making a grand entrance and exit on the biggest day of your life is a breeze – if only all the other arrangements for the big day were so easy to take care of!

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